5 things I do daily

Well, it looks like I survived the first day of blogging and I’m back for more. My goal is to publish a new post every Monday, but for this first week I want to write a post a day. So I have put together this little 5 days of 5 things challenge to introduce myself a little better and share some more fun facts about my daily life.

5 days of 5 things challenge:

Feel free to take part in this challenge. If you use it on your blog/social media, please let me know so I can come read your 5 days of 5 things.

5 days of 5 things challenge

5 things i do daily

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1. Wake up between 6 and 8 am

Right now I don’t have a fixed routine. Since I graduated in July, every day has been a little different.

Sometimes I don’t have anything set for the day, but I don’t like to spend all my morning in bed. That is why I always have my alarm to go off at 8 am (even though when I know I can sleep a bit, I always wake up at dawn).

There are days when I have appointments or I have to go work/volunteer and I wake up pretty early (like 6-ish am). I like being bright and early, it gives me a feeling of productiveness, but I hate the actual part of getting out of bed when it’s still dark outside, especially during the winter months, when it’s also so cold outside.

2. Drink between 1 and 5 coffee

The only thing that will never change in my life is that I have the first coffee of the day right after I wake up. My choice for the morning is coffee with soy milk, sometimes I eat cereals with it, sometimes it’s cake or cookies.

If I spend the day at home, that could be the only coffee I get for the whole day. But if I go out, I have the 10 am espresso, the after-lunch espresso, and the mid-afternoon espresso. When I was still studying at university I would also have coffee right before my evening study sessions.

3. Go for a run/walk

I want to be healthy and I like to keep myself fit, but I’ve never been so much into working out. Lately I’ve been making an extra effort to go out for a run, or at least a power walk, as much as I can.

Also, I live on the third floor and I have to walk up five set of stairs at least once a day, if I want to get home. Sometimes I carry heavy things, like groceries or my backpack, so I’d say I get my workout done every single day, even if I’m not in workout clothes.

4. Wash my face with let the good time roll

I love Lush’s products and I wished I could have every single thing they sell, but they’re all a bit pricey and I don’t actually need everything they have in their stores. One thing I’ve been using for a while now is the let the good time roll face cleanser. I’m deeply in love with it. It’s a soft scrub, it smells amazing and my skin has never been better. I use this product to exfoliate every single night, so that I can get rid of any remaining makeup on my face and it also helps my moisturizer get into my skin and do its job.

5. Binge watch tv-shows

I always proudly say that I don’t watch television, but the reality is that I spend at least two or three or sometimes ten hours every day watching tv shows on my computer. I don’t watch movies, I don’t particularly like mini-series and the only comedy tv show I can tolerate is Modern Family. But if you give me some drama, fantasy, or even police procedural, I can watch them for hours and hours. I could even forget to eat and it already happened that I forgot to go to sleep because I was so much into a plot line.

What are 5 things you do daily?

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