5 college essentials

On the third day of the 5 days of 5 things challenge we talk about school essentials. In particular, I will make a list of things I always have in my bag. And no, I’m not talking just about stationery. As much as I love pretty pens and colored highlighter, I don’t think they’re vital.

Instead, I always find myself lending the items on this list to my friends and even people that I don’t know that well. Having these items in your backpack will not just get you through the school day without any major disaster. It’s also a fun way to be social and help your friends out.

5 college essentials

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1. Some water

Staying hydrated during the day is very important. How can you do it if you don’t always have something to drink with yourself? But please, don’t drink soda during your school day. If you really need some flavor and you can’t live on plain water for the whole day, you could make your own infused water.

I always bring my water from home, because I need it even during my commute (especially if I have to run up three set of escalators to catch a train that’s about to leave). Also, it is way more convenient to buy bottled water in bulk than buying a single one every day at a vending machine on campus.

If you live out of a big city and you have good tap water, you could also invest in a cute reusable water bottle so you’ll also be environmentally friendly.

2. A scarf

Scarves are my favorite pieces of clothing. I have several different scarves in my closet and I wished I could use more than one at a time. The best thing about scarves is that they’re so versatile.

I use scarves during the winter, obviously. I always have a scarf around my neck if I’m outside. But I also use one kind of like a blanket when I’m studying at the library and I get too cold (even if I’m already wearing 5 layers of clothes).

I use scarves even during the summer months. I hate ac and most of the times it’s set way too high. So in the summers I use my scarf as a shawl around my shoulders.

3. A homemade emergency bag

Put in a small and cute makeup bag:

  • some tissues
  • headache and stomachache medicine
  • lip balm
  • a small brush, a mirror, hair ties and bobby pins
  • I also keep my contact lens solution in it.

4. An umbrella

I can’t stress enough how important it is to always have an umbrella in your backpack. Yes, even if the sun is shining high in a blue sky when you get out of your house in the morning.

Believe me, you definitely don’t want to walk out of the building after long hours of classes and find out it has started pouring outside so you can’t walk to the train station until it stops (yes, that happened to me and it was awful because I just wanted to go home and rest a bit but I had to spend two extra hours in the library).

5. A good book to read and good music to listen to

I bet you already have these two things in your bag if you commute. I usually take the train to school and I always spend that time reading and listening to music. The only reason why I don’t mind taking the train every single day that much is because of my Kindle.

But it’s essential to have a good book or music to listen to also because there’s always some free time in between classes. You should use that time wisely and maybe start studying or reviewing your notes, but if you’re too tired, you could read a book or just relax listening to your favorite album.

Do you have all these essentials in your school bag? What are some other things you always have in your backpack?

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