Study abroad in Italy? A complete guide to the Italian school system

When I started this blog I’ve never imagined myself writing a post about the Italian school system. I thought I would just write about my experience in a Canadian college and my life as an international student. But the other day I got my first email from a reader, yay!

This email, from a girl who was interested in studying abroad in Italy for a semester, made me realize that, since I still have exactly 63 days before I start my classes in Canada, I could share a bit more about Italy. Hopefully, some of you will be inspired to come study here. Because yes, I would definitely recommend coming here as an international student. Either in high school or university.

Study abroad in Italy: a complete guide to the Italian school system

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My first month blogging: lessons learned + future goals

I made it, I’ve been blogging consistently for a month. Well, even more if we consider my previous blog on Sometimes I tend to lack in consistency, even if I like what I’m doing. So this is kind of a milestone for me.

I’ll make sure to include that I’m a blogger now on all my social media descriptions! I’ve been looking forward to this moment.

My first month blogging: what I did, what I should have done, what I will do

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Ace the IELTS academic: get a good score in just 10 days

In July, just 2 days after my graduation, I had to sit through yet another English exam. This time I had to take the IELTS, specifically the academic module. If you’re planning to study abroad, chances are you’ll have to take an exam to get your language skills assessed too.

All the school I had selected to apply to required the same scores: 6 overall, at least 5.5 in each skill band. In the Common European Frame of Reference that would be a B2. I literally had just 10 days tote prepare, but in the end I got what I consider to be a decent score.

I’m sharing what I’ve learned during those intense 10 days so you can be as successful as possible with a limited time frame and without spending any money. Yes, I did not spend any money on books or classes and you don’t need them either.

Ace the IELTS academic in just 10 days

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Amsterdam in 4 days: a trip recap

Last week I spent some days in Amsterdam. I did not know a lot about the city before I went there. I have a (long) list of places I want to visit in North Europe, but mostly they’re Icelandic or Norwegian towns. So, as most of my improvised trips, I went there without any particular expectation.

The main reason I decided to go to Amsterdam was because of music. I love to go to live shows and there were two bands I really like who were playing there. Even if the concerts didn’t go as expected (they didn’t happen), I was set to make the best of my time in the city. I am always happy and excited to go explore a new place, especially when I know nothing about it.

Amsterdam in 4 days: what I saw and what I did

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How to blog in English when it’s not your native language

I started studying English in elementary school when I was about 8 years old. That makes almost 10 years of formal education in English. Wow, that’s a lot! Yet, I feel like I started speaking English for real just about a couple of years ago.

English is a mandatory subject here in Italy. But I did not learn anything useful until I was in high school. And even then I could not speak properly and I could not understand a full conversation between two people.

Then something happened. During my fourth year of high school, I was introduced to the wonderful world of tv shows in their original language. I started slowly, watching series with Italian subtitles. Then I switched to English subtitles. Now, most of the times I just watch the show.

I also started studying the language independently and practicing it. I discovered a lot of things that they didn’t teach me in school, I started speaking without worrying too much and I’m at a point where I can understand basically everything I read (yes even hard scientific papers) and almost everything I hear (it actually depends on the accent of the person, which makes me feel so bad).

how to blog in english when it's not your native language

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What country should I move to? Things to consider before moving abroad

I’ve always dreamed about moving abroad. When I was a little girl I had the usual American dream almost everyone has around here. Then, when I was in high school, I decided I wanted to live in Canada in the future. Everything seemed so much better over there. And seeing how things are going right now, I couldn’t be happier with the country I’ve chosen.

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to move away from their home country. But ultimately it’s because we want more: we want new adventures, we want better adventures.

Things to consider before moving abroad

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5 college essentials

On the third day of the 5 days of 5 things challenge we talk about school essentials. In particular, I will make a list of things I always have in my bag. And no, I’m not talking just about stationery. As much as I love pretty pens and colored highlighter, I don’t think they’re vital.

Instead, I always find myself lending the items on this list to my friends and even people that I don’t know that well. Having these items in your backpack will not just get you through the school day without any major disaster. It’s also a fun way to be social and help your friends out.

5 college essentials

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5 tv shows to binge watch

Today is the second day of the 5 days of 5 things challenge and we’re talking about tv shows. I am super duper happy. Do you remember when yesterday I said I spent an hour or two or ten a day watching tv shows? Well, I wasn’t lying.

I’ve been watching a lot of new shows and lately I’ve been also doing so many re-watches of old shows, so I’ve decided to share with you 5 of the most binge-worthy series I’ve ever watched.

5 tv shows to binge watch

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5 things I do daily

Well, it looks like I survived the first day of blogging and I’m back for more. My goal is to publish a new post every Monday, but for this first week I want to write a post a day. So I have put together this little 5 days of 5 things challenge to introduce myself a little better and share some more fun facts about my daily life.

5 days of 5 things challenge:

Feel free to take part in this challenge. If you use it on your blog/social media, please let me know so I can come read your 5 days of 5 things.

5 days of 5 things challenge

5 things i do daily

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