5 tv shows to binge watch

Today is the second day of the 5 days of 5 things challenge and we’re talking about tv shows. I am super duper happy. Do you remember when yesterday I said I spent an hour or two or ten a day watching tv shows? Well, I wasn’t lying.

I’ve been watching a lot of new shows and lately I’ve been also doing so many re-watches of old shows, so I’ve decided to share with you 5 of the most binge-worthy series I’ve ever watched.

5 tv shows to binge watch

This is not a list of my favourite shows, I couldn’t pick just 5! This is a list of shows I really encourage you to binge watch. That means you gotta start early in the morning, have some snacks ready, get comfortable and start watching episode after episode until bed time.

1. Graceland

This one is probably the most underrated tv show on this list and it was cut just after 3 seasons of 12/13 episodes each, but I really can’t understand how people didn’t watch this show. The cast was so on point, the characters they portrayed were very different and all the story-lines were so interesting.

Imagine a Southern California beach house, a group of undercover agents from different law enforcement agencies with a lot of unresolved personal issues and they’re all living and working together. This definitely isn’t your usual procedural show and you really need to watch it.

2. The Fosters

If you like drama, you cannot miss this show. I’m a sucker for drama and basically it’s all I watch, but this one is a super-duper-major-drama. Bonus: Stef and Lena are relationship goals. Added bonus: a cool multi-ethnic blended family.

3. Sense8

The first time I heard about this show they were still filming the first season. But there were already a lot of great things written about it and I was not disappointed when I first watched it. This is not your usual show, it’s a science fiction but it’s also a drama, so there’s somethings for anyone.

The plot is very intricate and the concept is very unique, plus the cast is brilliant. There are 8 main characters: a troubled Icelandic DJ now living in London, a Chicago cop, a Korean businesswoman who’s awesome at martial art, a bus driver from Nairobi, a full-time locksmith part-time safe-cracker from Berlin, an Indian scientist, a closeted actor living in Mexico City and a trans woman hacktivist and blogger living in San Francisco. These people don’t know each other, they’re strangers, they have different cultures as they live in different part of the world, they have different lives, different ambitions. But at some point they start to feel some sort of connection.

Bonus: a lot of cool view of Icelandic landscape.

4. Quantico

I have to admit it, I have a soft spot for agent Ryan Booth (and in my twisted mind he’s somewhat related to agent Seeley Booth and there will be a Quantico/Bones crossover someday). But the main reason I liked this show is because it has strong female characters. I also loved the great suspense and the fact that some story-lines are set in the past and others in the present.

Even though I don’t think the second half of Quantico lives up to the first one, I enjoyed the mixture of drama and thriller. The second season (Quan2co) just started and I couldn’t be happier.

5. Supernatural

Who on this heart hadn’t heard about Supernatural by now? There are two (hot) brothers who have to save the world every other season. There’s a cute angel who helps them sometime. Be aware: you might fall in love with either the King of Hell or Lucifer.

Bonus: there are 12 seasons, more than 200 episodes.

Have you (binge) watched any show lately? Did you watch any of the shows on this list?

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