Winter skin care tips / Blogmas, day 4

Lately I’ve been very minimalistic in my skin care routine. That is a very nice way to say I’ve been kind of lazy and I did just what was really necessary. But now that is finally winter, the cold weather is very rough on my skin, so I started putting more effort into my skin care routine.

Winter skin care tips / Blogmas, day 4

If in the summer I can get away with just some sunscreen in the morning and the occasional touch-up, winter requires more work and consistency. Winter is usually very cold here, which means I tend to get dry skin from November to February.

But, over the years, I’ve tried different things to get bright and smooth skin even during the winter and I’m now sharing all my winter skin care tips with you (scroll down for TL;DR).


The best way to hydrate your skin is by using the right moisturizer. Ideally you should use one in the morning and another one for the night. Your day cream should have SPF to protect your skin from UV rays (yes, even during winter!), while the night one should be richer. I have to admit I don’t have different moisturizers and I don’t even use one every single day. I also know I should use more sunscreen, but I live in the Pianura Padana, where during the winter there is always a lot of fog and you start to think that the sun doesn’t even exist anymore, that the warm yellow rays were all just a dream.

One of my favorite self-care activities is giving myself a facial and applying face masks. Recently I fell in love with tissue mask thanks to Garnier moisture bombs. These masks are the perfect choice for winter, since they provide 1 week’s worth of hydrating serum in only 15 minutes. On their English website there’s just one type of tissue mask, but here in Italy I actually found three (which are listed on their Italian website) different moisture bombs for different types of skin.

When it’s cold outside, you should also opt for a lighter exfoliator. My winter face cleanser of choice is Herbalism by Lush. Occasionally, I also use Let the Good Times Roll (which is the cleanser I use during the warmer months); it’s a bit too rough for dry skin, but I often find myself missing its sweet smell so I use it anyway.

The last product you should change during the winter is your makeup remover. If you use wipes, you should consider switching to micellar water. After I’ve tried it for the first time, I never went back to wipes. Micellar water does a wonderful job, it even removes matte lipstick very easily and without being too aggressive on the skin. It is also especially great for winter because it gives the skin an extra boost of hydration.


If during the summer I can get away with neglecting my hands, during the winter I have to take care of them. If I don’t, they hurt a lot. The first thing to do to prevent cracked dry skin is wearing gloves when outside.

If drinking water is good for you and to keep hydrated, water on your skin is not so great. Of course you cannot avoid washing your hands, and you should wash them frequently to protect your health. To protect your hands you should use a mild soap with ingredients like shea butter. You should resist the temptation to wash your hands with hot water, go for lukewarm water instead. Lastly, you should moisturize right after patting your hands dry.


The first thing to do to keep your body healthy and hydrated during the winter is drinking water and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

If water is good on the inside, it’s bad on the outside. So, as tempting as a hot bath might sound, you should definitely avoid it. You don’t want the long bath to strip all the moisture away from your skin. Take a warm shower and keep is as short as possible. Then, remember to moisturize right after. I am not a big fan of body lotions, so what I use instead is coconut oil. It smells so much better and it makes your skin bright and very smooth.



  • moisturize daily;
  • use hydrating face masks;
  • switch to a lighter exfoliator;
  • consider using micellar water to remove makeup.


  • always wear gloves outside;
  • don’t wash your hands with hot water;
  • use a mild soap;
  • moisturize right after.


  • stay away from long hot baths;
  • use coconut oil right after your short warm shower.

Do you have a different skin care routine for every season? What are some of your favorite products to use during the winter?


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  • This was indeed very helpful. I always go for SPF moisturizer even if I am going out in evening. Though never tried a mask, i really think I need to do now.

  • Luisa O’Donnell

    Fab skin care routine. I’m guilty of only paying attention to my skin during the winter but I have to say the Garnier Moisture Bomb mask is a lifesaver💛

  • Love these tips. I need to create a consistent skincare routine. I generally use the same skincare routine all year since the temperature never really gets too cold but I do use moisturizers more during the ‘winter season’.

    I always forget about sunscreen though even though the sun is out all of the time here.


  • Love30

    I have my face skin care down to a tee! Never miss it and have specific products to use at differnt times. However my body and hands needs work! Ree love30

  • I should take an example in you and start taking better care of my skin as well. I’m literally doing nothing with it these days.

  • So far so Sabine

    I always get dry hands in winter! So I needed those tips! Xx

  • Kitty Limon

    Great tips, I really should look after my skin more in the colder seasons but I always forget D=

  • Alex Pander

    Oef, my face always gets really dry in winter. That’s for the tips 🙂

    X, Alex

  • Jasmin N

    These are some wonderful tips! For me, hand moisturizing wasn’t a thing before I got pregnant but now I feel like they’re falling off because they’re so dry, lol. Thank goodness I found one lotion that saved them & I’m super happy about that 😀

    ♥ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  • Michelle Lynn

    These are great tips and very important for this season. Enjoyed reading.